Jockey into position with the best match-three game on the field!

The Morning Line is an instantly rewarding match-three puzzle game glowing with the regalia of the classic sport of horse racing and brimming with entertaining puzzle boards, crisp graphics and pitch-perfect sound effects. Gamers jockey into position for 100 unique competitions featuring special power-ups, challenging obstacles, and much more. Players test their equestrian skills by clearing the track of mud and puddles to other rewarding competitions, clear the hurdles of timed challenges, and sprint past friends’ top scores. Plus, players can experience even more equestrian fun with b Spot’s integrated wagering.


  • Instant Rewards: Instantly accessible match-three puzzle gameplay perfectly suited for players 21 years old and above
  • Surprises: Colorful levels filled with surprises, challenges, and horse-racing themed arcade-style games
  • Play for Free: Experience this engaging match-three puzzle game completely cash-free and enjoy the thrill of a horse-racing arcade-style puzzle game
  • Play for Real Money: Ready for action? Join b Spot, sprint into action and experience the thrill of playing with real money in this instantly-rewarding match-three puzzle game
  • Unique Gameplay: Engaging gameplay that creates massive chain reactions and high scores that mixes up players’ experience
  • Power Ups: Raise the stakes with powerful boosts, multipliers, and other optional add-ons
  • Earn Bonuses: Earn wild cards, time bonuses, carrots, trophies, and more
  • Many Ways to Play: Progress throughout an extended series of Championship Races or pass the time in four Training Races for fun-filled quick play
  • Connect with Friends: Connect with friends on Facebook to share scores or brag
  • Time is on Your Side: Race against the clock or choose to play with no time restraints at all. Whether using b Spot’s integrated wagering options or enjoying the Challenge Races, gamers can enjoy a timeless experience

b Spot
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